Most of the health problems we face arises due to the reactions from the chemicals that we get exposed in our daily course of life. The exposure to these chemicals manifest in our body as health problems which we think are caused by other reasons, and continue to live without adequately protecting us.

One of such chemical is Chlorine that we find in the municipal water, which we use for our personal cleaning purpose. Unknown to most of us are the many dangers that Chlorine poses to the body, when we get exposed to it over a period of time, which include Skin problems, Hair Problems, Respiratory problems and even increased risk of getting cancer

The good news is that, we can protect ourselves from chlorine by taking correct precautions.

Coolcare offers one of the most advanced chlorine removal system for shower to be introduced, with and exceptional; chlorine removal capability that is unmatched by any normal shower filter. It incorporates advance patented technology, stylish chromium finish, and high chlorine removal capability.

Coolcare is introduced to the UAE market by We Trade International, leader in water purification products in Middle East, having installed water purification unit across many residential and commercial establishments

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